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  1. Ich habe dein ganzes forza 4 Let`s play gesehenund zur folge 108. Der Ruf: Kein wunder ,dass der schwer zu beherschen war. Der hatte nähmlich über 1000PS!!! Grip an der Hiacnrethse gleich null.

  2. Wow, this story gave me chills! How exciting to uncover such a huge part of your history while sitting in a classroom! I think one of the more interesting things I ever heard about my family was that we’re related to Dwight Eisenhower on my mother’s side. If I knew more, I’d be glad to tell you, LOLAnd darn you, Renee – have you introduced me to ANOTHER blog I need to follow?! I’m going to have to quit my day job soon. (Which would be fine with me, if I could just get someone to pay the mortage…)

    • You can also try SONNY’S DONUTS., which is owned by Cello’s Donuts. They have a branch in the main entrance of St. Francis Square along Julia Vargas St. ( near Megamall) There are 15 flavors at P7.00 ea.

    • I love: “it has been almost two years since a group of giddy youth knocked on my door with bread and I must say it has changed my life!” — life change began with a loaf of bread! YES! Anyone can be used by God!

    • Once again your instinct and insight is right on! Labor in childbirth is a means to an end. And the end result (that baby) will truly be the fruit of your labor. I say your labor because even though Nicole is the one experiencing the physical pain you will be experiencing your own emotional pain because you love her and want to end her pain. Knowing that the pain won’t last forever and will end is exactly what got me through it!

    • Ich Rabenmutter bin gar nicht zum Weihnachtssingen heute gegangen, wer soll denn an seinem freien Tag, bevor ich morgen und Heiligabend arbeiten bin, sonst dem Weihnachtsmann beim einpacken helfen:-)So ich muss weitermachenLG Eli

    • I like the priceless info you produce in the posts.I will bookmark your blogging site and check once more below commonly.I am rather definitely sure I’ll be taught a lot of new stuff proper the following! Great luck for the next!

  3. None of the parking pay stations on Empire between Westminster and Washington were functional as of yesterday afternoon. My friend got a ticket, not knowing that she was expected to walk 2 blocks just to find a functional machine. Bonus for the city: instead of getting $1 from a functional machine, they get $20 (or whatever the amount of the ticket was). The scowling meter maid was a special fun bonus!

  4. Lowtech måste ju min gamla gjutjärnsgryta vara. Inga teflon eller titan beläggningar. Ett antal kok som satt sina spår och ger grytorna det där lilla extra. Tror jag i alla fall.

  5. You can’t really just learn a lagguane fast . xDTake classes, books, websites, and of course practice, practice, practice. But usually it takes about 3 or 4 years of constant studying to become fluent. And still, people study lagguanes for 8 years or so.